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Welcome to an exciting new realm of customization for your brand, club, group, or personal needs. If you're looking for handcrafted products from RMC, you've found the right place.

We specialize in producing the highest quality handkerchiefs using premium fabrics such as cotton, Shetland tweed, linen, and more. We also offer printed 100% cotton canvas fabrics. Our products feature either a classic 100% cotton backing or a popular microfiber backing, ensuring maximum durability for everyday use. Additionally, we provide custom labels for enhanced brand recognition. Whether you need a single piece or a large order, we make it happen.

Beyond handkerchiefs, we now offer knife pouches, trays, exhibition stand tablecloths, and any other items that can be crafted with a sewing machine. Nothing is impossible—let's discuss your ideas. Fill out the form below, and I will reach out to discuss the details as soon as possible.

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Happy partners/customers

We are proud to supply our handmade products to some well-known partners. Take a look at the outcomes of our collaborations.

custom handkerchiefs


I've had the pleasure of working with Sven from Messerdepot, a renowned knife-related online shop based in Solingen, Germany, for over four years. During this time, I've crafted four exclusive handkerchiefs for Messerdepot. Our first collaboration featured a high-quality fabric with a traditional checked pattern and introduced our partner-labels: his logo on the front, mine on the back. We then ventured into printed hanks using Öko-Tex 100 certified 100% cotton canvas. Our latest hank-project utilized a handpicked fabric from a local store in Winterberg, Germany, launched at the 2024 Solingen Knife Trade Show. This partnership has grown into a cherished friendship, making each project a true delight.

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custom handkerchiefs

German Daily Carry

The GDC Hank: A True Community Handkerchief. The GDC Hank, a unique product born from collaboration with the German Daily Carry (GDC) group, which focuses on everyday carry essentials. The GDC, founded in late 2022 or early 2023, quickly saw a demand among its members for a custom handkerchief. As one of the first members, I was thrilled to bring their vision to life with two stellar designs. The initial batch consisted of 20 pieces per design, and they quickly became a hit. Today, the GDC has nearly 200 members, most of whom proudly carry one of these handmade handkerchiefs. I continue to craft these beloved hanks, maintaining their tradition and quality.

No Link for these beauties. GDC Members only!

custom handkerchief


For the knife shop Schneidwerk Harz, I crafted a unique handkerchief from my all-time favorite fabric: Shetland tweed. Bastian, the owner, reached out to me shortly after his shop launch in 2023, seeking an exclusive product for his discerning customers. Our communication was seamless from the start, sharing a mutual passion for quality and exceptional offerings. Thus, the RMC x Schneidwerk Harz handkerchief was born. The inaugural batch featured a classic herringbone pattern in rich turquoise and black, complemented by black thread, a microfiber backing, and a black partner label. This outstanding collaboration resulted in a product you can still purchase today.

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custom handkerchief

Messerteam Kalb

RMC x Messerteam Kalb Handkerchief: A True Love Story

In early 2024, the Messerteam Kalb team planned to launch an online shop to reach customers beyond North Germany and their hometown, Lüneburg, where they began their journey with the Rasiererzentrale decades ago. They sought to introduce a new product to their extensive range, and I was thrilled they chose to collaborate with me.

Together, we selected one of the finest fabrics I've worked with in recent years: a tartan fabric made from pure new wool, crafted in Scotland in rich brown and beige tones. Paired with microfiber backing, accented with a khaki thread and a beige/brown partner label, this handkerchief became a masterpiece. It was an instant hit, selling out in the Kalb brothers' online shop within hours.

Since then, we've maintained close contact and even met in person at the KNIFE trade show in Solingen in 2024. New batches are already in the works, and I'm excited about our future endeavors.

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