Who is it?

My name is Marcel I am 33 years young, married, father of twins and an edc junky with a passion for photography and sewing. 

What is RMC?

RMC is short for Real Men Carry. This name and abbreviation came from my Instagram account. In this account I initially published pictures of my EDC (every day carry) under the name marcels.edc. The name RMC or Real Men Carry was introduced later when I started making handkerchiefs and looking for a suitable brand name.

How did that happen?

The fact that I sell handkerchiefs to friends, customers and community members from the edc scene today came about by chance. On February 22nd, 2020 I published a photo on my Instagram account showing my first handkerchief. 

I sewed it myself with my wife’s sewing machine from old work shirts. After a few hours I got the first message if I would sell these handkerchiefs too. This message was not the only one. So I took a closer look at the topic of handkerchiefs and started trying out different sizes, fabrics and seam variations.

For the first few months I folded the edges of the handkerchiefs to get a thicker, multi-layered edge. However, I always oriented myself towards thicker fabrics and the multi-layered edges became a bit too thick for comfortable carrying in the trouser pocket. So on August 25th, 2020 I decided to go the classic way and sew the layers together, turn them inside out and sew a decorative seam to get a solid edge for more comfortable carrying.

And that was the short story about me and the RMC handkerchiefs. Thanks for reading.